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My first sample print for my online photography business.

How I Sell Photos Online: Starting a Photography Business

Do you want to sell photos online? There are plenty of ways to make money from photography, but I started an ecommerce photography business selling surf prints from my laptop. I wanted to focus on making a business I could run from anywhere.

In this post, I’ll go over in detail the steps I took to start that business. From coming up with the idea, to working out the details, to getting my photos in front of customers.

So.. take the things I did well and avoid the things I didn’t! Finish reading this post…

Surfpreneur's blogging start.

8 Reasons I Started This Blog

Blogs are awesome. The internet is a seemingly infinite platform for anyone, anywhere, to share their experiences. But there are so many of them.. why start another one?

Surfpreneur is my personal blog, where I document my efforts building location independent businesses and earning more time to live well. I hope that by sharing the process, I can help others do the same.

I want this blog to be a little different from some of the blogs out there, so here are 8 reasons why I started it. Finish reading this post…

What is Surfpreneur?


Surf represents a healthy, active lifestyle, and the freedom to enjoy life on your terms. Plus, surfing is awesome, right?


Entrepreneur represents business, hustle, and a do-it-yourself mindset. It’s just so darn fashionable these days.

Hello, I'm Adam, an entrepreneur looking for freedom through my online businesses.

Hi, I’m Adam.

I run an ecommerce business dropshipping photography prints, freelance as a content strategist for small businesses, and blog here.. I’m working towards the dream!

I made the Surfpreneur blog to share the process as I actually work on my businesses, become location independent, and earn time for the things that matter.