I'm Adam, a freelancer, dropshipper, photographer and blogger. I try to make money online. Remote or location independent.

Hello, I’m Adam.

Here’s a little story about why Surfpreneur exists

What do you love to do? I have a passion for being in the sea. Surfing, paddle boarding, taking photos, it’s all good. That’s where I’m happiest.

In the past, I’ve worked plenty of jobs which didn’t allow me the time to surf as I wanted, and even when I did have free time away from work I was tired and unmotivated to get in the water! I think this is a vicious circle that stops people from spending their limited time doing what they love, whatever that may be.

Surfpreneur.co is a blog documenting my personal efforts to combine work and passion. At the moment, I work remotely as a freelancer creating digital content, teach surfing and SUP in Fuerteventura, and run a small surf photography business.

You can expect to see posts about the things I learn as I try to follow this path towards a sustainable future. I hope you find some of the articles helpful on your own journey!

Anyway, thanks for checking out the site, and keep shaking those trees!