Want to make money online? Here are a mind map and infographic with 41 ideas for making cash with just a laptop, an internet connection and some hustle.

Do you want to make money online?

I hear you! The internet offers a world of opportunity to make some cash with just a laptop and some hustle. And you can do it from anywhere in the world!

Want to chill and surf on an Atlantic beach? Or maybe just relax in front of the fire in your own home? (I like these things..)

Whatever you want to do, I’ve got some ideas for you! Here are an infographic and a mind map I think you’ll find useful.

And, keep scrolling for access to the free 2000 word accompanying report with links, resources, notes, and real-world examples.

41 Ideas for Making Money Online

41 Ways to Make Money Online - an illustrated infographic.
(best viewed landscape or on larger screens)

Like some of the ideas and want to know a bit more?

Download a free PDF version of the infographic to keep, accompanied by a 2000 word report packed full of useful links, resources and notes, with real world examples for each idea!